Tanning Tips

Spray Tanning Tips

Want your tan to look its stunning best for even longer?

For a perfectly even, smooth tan, your skin needs to be prepared and nurtured.

Exfoliation, moisturising and skin smoothness are all important ingredients of your best tan ever, so to get ready for SunSpray 24/7 and follow these tips


No shaving. Give your skin at least 24 hours – shave-free – before your sunless tanning session.

Shower – and scrub.

Say goodbye to your regular bar soap and put a good quality body scrub to work on your skin. Removing dead skin helps the tanning solution bond with your skin.

Pay special attention to rough, thick skin – elbows, knees and heels need attention (and perhaps some heavy duty exfoliation!). For great results, try our Cleansing Body Wash & Exfoliator (link to products page)

Is your skin dry? Make sure you moisturise – but do it at least two hours before your tan and use a light, good quality lotion. 

We recommend a touch of petroleum jelly (eg. Vaseline) on your nail cuticles helps avoid colour build-up from your spray tan.

By applying extra moisture on the palms of your hands, you’ll create a barrier and achieve a natural-looking tan. By blending the edges smoothly, your tan line will be soft and natural.

Remove make-up thoroughly.

Avoid deodorant and perfume. You want your tan to be even – not blotchy.


Leave your best underwear at home for your tanning session. Choose comfortable, soft undergarments that protect your delicate skin, without scratching or rubbing.

Use protective eyewear. Glasses are available to purchase at the salon

Close your mouth. Lip balm is handy to protect your lips.

Don’t inhale through your nose – plugs to block your nose help protect your respiratory system. Nose plugs are available to purchase at the salon also.


Radiant skin needs protection.

Choose dark, loose-fitting clothes and leave your underwire bras at home.

Open shoes that slip on are best – thongs are a great choice.

Avoid perspiration – no strenuous exercise until after your first shower.

Avoid wetting your skin. No washing dishes, showering, or bathing the dog (or the kids!).

Wait at least 6-8 hours before you shower, and only apply soap/shower gel with your hands – no loofahs or sponges to scrub away your spray tan.

For the best tan with colour that lasts, it’s all about moisturiser. Apply 2-3 times per day after your spray tan session.