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For the ultimate spray tanning experience; 

Our private sunless spray tan booths in Melbourne are worth raving about. The Versaspa Pro represents the very latest in spray tan booth technology promising to transform your skin in just minutes. Unlike many fake tans that simply tint the skin, the Versaspa Pro system creates a complete spa-like session that results in a healthy, natural sun-kissed glow. The wide open interior design and state-of-the-art comfort technologies ensures every guest has an enjoyable experience and amazing results.

The booths include 3 airbrush nozzles for a comfortable and even spray. The built-in audio guide literally talks clients through the experience while numbered foot positions make the process simple to follow and delivers flawless results. Height sensor technology provides pinpoint accuracy and full coverage for all body types. Clients can even customise their Versaspa Pro session to provide them with extra dark legs.

The proprietary solutions used in the booths ensure that all areas of your body receive a uniform coverage in only the precise quantities required to achieve a natural-looking tan.

In summary, the Versaspa Pro is designed for your comfort with an open-air design and full privacy. You'll stay relaxed, comfortable and dry during your session and leave with amazing, long-lasting results.

  • 3 Levels of Colour
  • One-of-a-kind heated application
  • Private yet open experience
  • Easy-to-use standing position plates
  • Enhanced digital audio system

 Our tanning salon applies a perfect sunless tan every time in Melbourne


Fully Automated State of the Art Booths