The Experience

Experience the convenience of anytime tanning coupled with the latest in automated spray tanning technology for a flawless and glowing tan.  Our skilled and passionate staff believe in giving our clients the best in everything - luxury comfort, easy access, privacy, great prices, advanced equipment and high-quality products. We also offer plenty of options so we can customise the perfect tanning experience for you. 

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Secure 24-hour access.
  • Skin that looks good and feels great.

SunSpray 24/7, Spray tanning - the way it's meant to be.


Perfect Tan – Anytime!

The Booths

For the ultimate spray tanning experience.

Our private sunless spray tan booths in Melbourne are worth raving about: 

  • Superior tan
  • 3 spray nozzles improve overall coverage
  • Height sensors ensure accurate delivery of spray applications


Features include;

  • Step in and be enveloped in warmth
  • Unique heated application (no more chilly application!)
  • Easy-to-use standing position plates – intuitive spray tanning positions for full, flawless coverage
  • ¾ enclosed design – for a private, yet open experience within your locked private room.
  • Open-air design that let you breathe easily during your session.
  • Use of natural ingredients for a natural, lasting tan.
  • Enhanced digital audio system – clear step-by-step instructions for your stress-free skin care

Customise Your Tan

Your tan. Your way.

SunSpray 24/7 offers 3 levels of Colour as well as quick drying convenience.

The Perfect tan in under 10 mins!

  • Skin Primer
  • Clear or Colour
  • Moisturiser: Your skin is left feeling soft, smooth and moisturised – for a long-lasting tan.


The SunSpray 3-Step Process:

Creating your perfect tan is easy. Simply follow our 3-step process for even, flawless coverage and a healthy glow.


What’s the difference between a Clear Extended Tan and an instant Colour?

At SunSpray 24/7, creating your ideal tan is your choice.

  • Extended Tan (clear) – Goes on clear while a long-lasting, natural extended tan develops over the next 4-8 hours.
  • Extended Tan with Instant Cosmetic Colour – Provides an immediate deep, natural cosmetic colour with an extended tan that develops over the next 4-8 hours.


Formulated with Eco-Certified DHA and Erythrulose for a long-lasting, beautiful tan.


Grape Extract IconGrape Seed Extract helps stimulate collagen production and improve your skin’s appearance.


Looking After Your Tan

Our tans are quick, convenient and leave your skin looking great.

To make your flawless tan look even better and last longer, our range of after-care products leave your skin nurtured and protected – for skin that glows with moisture and a healthy colour.

SunSpray 24/7 stocks Versaspa products that have natural and active ingredients that help prepare your skin for maximum moisture and exfoliation – while helping you achieve a glowing, golden tan that lasts.

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